I like my fearmongering scrambled with ketchup

Posted: March 4, 2010 in feminism, mainstream media fail

Not sure how I missed seeing this when it first made the rounds. Apparently, if you are female and over 30 and you don’t think having kids sounds like a terrible idea, well guess what: TIME TO FREAK THE FUCK OUT. Your eggs! Your precious, precious eggs! They’re already 90% gone!

Exclamation points!

I actually have very little to say about this article that hasn’t likely already been said by every feminist blogger in creation, but I found this particular quote from a Dr. Marie Savard, “medical contributor”, to be darkly amusing given the context:

Q: Is there anything you can do to slow down the loss of fertility?

A: You can’t reverse the biological clock, but Savard said there are certain factors within your control that have an impact upon your fertility.

For example, stopping smoking, keeping your weight down and controlling stress can all slow the loss of fertility.

That’s right. Control your stress, ladies. I mean, first you’ll want to panic about the fact that it’s probably already too late for you to have your very own adorable chubby infant(s), but once you’ve finished doing that, chill out, already.

Dr. Savard, by the way, recommends that you have kids “the sooner the better”. Which… what? Really? So it’s better to start having kids the second you start menstruating than to wait until you’re a fully-functional adult? Is this woman a right-wing plant?

This is all pointless, anyway. Women want babies. That’s really all we care about. Everyone knows this. So it’s not necessary to use scare tactics; just leave us to our own devices, and we’ll start having babies earlier and earlier, and we’ll have more and more of them, and we’ll also voluntarily give up our educational goals and our careers and our dreams of self-actualization so we can stay at home to change diapers and iron our husbands’ shirts.

It’s in our nature!

  1. Jesse says:

    But if we don’t work really hard at convincing women that they inherently must want one million children, then how will they ever know that they intrinsically and naturally want that?

  2. My very first comment, and I haven’t even responded yet! How rude of me.

    I think the problem is feminism. It is terrifying and powerful and good at convincing women that they want awful things like abortions and careers. Although I’ve also heard it’s outdated and irrelevant, so I’m not sure what to make of that.

    I need a man to explain things to me. Too bad I’ll never find one, being a feminist and all.

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